On this page, you can find the blog posts that I have written. I like writing in the health and wellness niche and in the digital marketing niche. Right now I’m open to take on any projects that you need help with.

I have another blog in the Spanish speaking market, Ayuno Saludable, where I talk about intermittent fasting, so I’m open to any Spanish speaking projects also.

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Digital Marketing

Music Mindset
How Do Musicians Make Money On Youtube (7 Ways To Get Paid)

Wellness & Mental Health

4 Daily But Powerful Habits to Improve Mental Health
The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting 16/8 (2020 Edition)

Health & Wellness (Spanish)

Ayuno Saludable
La Guía Completa De Como Hacer El Ayuno Intermitente 16/8 (Edición 2020)
Ayuno Saludable
¿Que Rompe El Ayuno Intermitente? (Con Una Lista De Alimentos)
Ayuno Saludable
¿Cuántas Veces A La Semana Se Hace El Ayuno Intermitente?