My Simple Plan To Generate Ideas For Content Creation (Using 2 Simple Tools)

ideas for content creation

Today you’re going to learn how to generate ideas for content creation using only two simple tools.

And the best part? They’re free.

In fact, it’s the same process I started using at the beginning of last year that’s helped me grow my traffic to +5k a month to my Spanish blog in the health and wellness niche.

You don’t need expensive tools to generate content ideas you just need to keep your eyes open for questions people are asking and focused on your audience.

This is the problem I see with many beginning creators, they just focus on specific tools that cost a lot of money, especially for somebody that just starting out.

Let me just add a note here, I’m not against using tools to look for keywords, but there are other useful ways to find content ideas for your blog or business.

With that, let’s move on.

So, what can I say that hasn’t been said? Well, I can tell you what I did with my niche website and what has worked for me.

Let’s dive in.

This is what I use to generate ideas for content creation

I’ve been able to grow my niche blog using content marketing and a simple content strategy, and I used (at that moment) two things:

  1. Answer the public
  2. Google autosuggest

When I started, my plan was to answer questions my target audience was asking. I started with 10 response posts.

These are posts that respond to specific questions your audience is asking and searching for. I wrote other types of posts like pillar posts, but I knew starting out answering questions would get me traffic.

And it did. This is the process I used.

Answer The Public

We’re going to start with a great and free resource (they have a paid option too).

Step 1: Go to Answer The Public and search for a broad topic

With Answer The Public, just write the target topic you want to write about (with the language and country) and it will give you a ton of questions about that topic.

I always try to go broad and then narrow it down depending on the search intent of the person searching for that topic.

Step 2: Search for specific questions related to your niche

After you click on search Answer The Public is going to give a list of:

  • questions
  • prepositions
  • comparisons
  • alphabeticals

To be honest, I focus a little much on the last two, but you can still get good ideas of what people are searching for. Just look for interesting content creation ideas that you can write about.

And make a list of those interesting questions you choose, I like to use google sheets but you can use any other software or notepad.

After I have a good list of questions, I go to google and look for the search intent and to dig a little more about what people are searching for.

Google autosuggest

I copy and paste the same broad term and put it on google to see what specific thing about that question people were looking for.

From the example in the image above, we can see that one of the first things that show up on google is local results. With that, you know what the intent is.

But that’s just with our general topic of raw food.

Let’s dig in a bit.

One thing I love about Google is the autosuggest because they’re telling you what people are searching for. From the image, you can see specific terms that come up in the raw food topic.

When I see this, I open a notepad (you can use anything you want) and just start writing the ones that seem interesting to you and look for the search intent behind every keyword phrase.

And with each keyword phrase, you can see other keywords that can potentially be a new idea for content creation.

This is not a complicated process and to be honest, I don’t like complicated.

The easier and non-complicated the process, the better the implementation in my opinion.

Other things to look for on Google.

On Google, you can also use the People Also Ask and Searches related at the bottom to give you other ideas for content.

With the PAA you can use it twofold:

  1. More content ideas
  2. Use it as headings in your content

I’ve done both.

Don’t forget about people

But just doing that you’re gonna find a ton of questions and ideas for topics that maybe you didn’t consider before.

It doesn’t matter what strategies you use as a content idea generator, you need to remember the most important aspect of all this.

You’re writing for people and your content should help people in your target audience.

Remember these words from Brian Clark of Copyblogger:

Last time I checked, it’s people who use search engines, not some other life form. So you’re always writing for people.

Start creating content that helps

How often do you look at that blank cursor without the faintest idea of what to write about?

Can you really keep wasting time day in and day out and never move your business or blog forward?

Stop wasting time and use these two resources to get content ideas for the entire year. Start creating content people are searching for and start growing your audience and list.

Come on. What are you waiting for?

Your readers are waiting to read your words.

Get ready to change their lives with your helpful content.

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